Getting Started at Southmont!

Coming in to this school year as a sophomore at Southmont High School, I definitely was not ready to do anything remotely related to this digital citizenship curriculum we are creating. I was focused on football and figuring out which classes were going to be the hardest. Well, as I was pondering these very important life questions, I was asked to come to the conference room near our lunchroom. After some time we had rounded up all twelve of the participants and our teachers started to explain what was going on. Seemed easy enough, why not? I said, "Yes," after a few seconds of thought, along with the rest of the group, and the Southmont IMAC group had been formed. 

Our first few meetings were not very different from each other, with trying to figure out when we could meet, who was going to be in which groups and working around peoples' schedules. We sometimes met during our lunch periods and occasionally after school. We decided the best way to approach our project was to split into smaller groups so we could meet on our own time. We have four groups of three, each with different grade levels. The IMAC group went over the format we should use, which depended on what grade levels we had assigned to us. We needed to include something to keep the classes entertained and make sure they didn't drift off, so using games and trying to keep away from boring ways to teach them important information were some main points in everyone's lessons. 

We were informed that the main purpose of this group was to educate and inform children, ranging from kindergarten to high school, about proper internet etiquette. This included things such as safety concerns and just common sense with social media. All of this has been very challenging, but we are all excited about the work we are doing!

Contributed by Jarrett Todd