East Noble's Favorite Digital Tool

We are very lucky to have plenty of helpful digital tools at East Noble, but our favorite item of all the pieces of equipment is our Canon XF105 Professional Camcorder.

Obviously, this camera is a little intimidating. It is not your average camera and has plenty of functions that we haven’t even discovered yet. Luckily a few of our video production students figured out how to operate the basic and necessary functions of this camera pretty quickly. We keep the camera’s manual close by if we need to use a new function; it’s another learn-as-you-go type of thing. The Canon XF105 has slow motion/fast motion, custom functions, photo capture, and a ridiculous amount of other technological additions. This camera even supports 1920x1080 HD and helps us make our video appear more professional (also makes us look more official). There are a lot of great tools that go into making videos, but none of it would be possible without a camera.
Written by Lydia Waring
East Noble High School Senior

MCS Digital Leaders: Favorite Digital Tool based on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

The first time I saw the phrase Bloom's Digital Taxonomy I thought, "What in the world is that?!" So after doing some reading about it, I know the 6 categories for Bloom's Digital Taxonomy are:  
1. Creating 2. Evaluating 3. Analyzing 4. Applying 5. Understanding & 6. Remembering
Many digital tools fall under each category. My favorite category, though, is creating. Who doesn't like creating things, right? Creating is where you express yourself (in this case using a digital tool of course) and you make something original that nobody else has ever thought about. The best part is messing around with things until you've come up with something you like. Which is exactly what I do on iMovie. I've recorded and edited a video with some of the other kids in my Digital Leadership class as the actors. The video has actually been published on My Big Campus. Maybe someday, someone will find it and watch it. *Hint* it involves a Susie and a Billy
I love making videos. A few years ago I dreamed of having a YouTube channel. Those dreams have not exactly taken off yet. Most people dream of becoming YouTube famous though, right? Or is that just me? Although I love creating, I don't exactly know what to do for YouTube. Maybe after we start vlogging for Digital Leadership I will be ready for a Youtube channel. Only time will tell.
Now let's apply creating to real life. Do you think it would be possible to create any movie, TV show, or those amazing Super Bowl commercials without amazing digital creating tools? Well, most likely no. Also when you think about it, many famous people, like Justin Bieber, would not be famous if it weren't for Youtube. Without video creation and sharing those videos onto Youtube (or other such sites), I feel that there would be about half as many famous people in the world. Ultimately, creating with digital tools, such as YouTube and iMovie, are a way to exploit your talents. 
So I leave you with this: What is your favorite category of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and what's your favorite digital tool?
Posted by Emma Staicer, Freshman, Madison Consolidated High School