MCS Digital Leaders: A Day in the Life of a Digital Learner

Posted by Tristan Kelsey, Freshman, Madison Consolidated High School 

A Day in the Life of a Digital Learner--ENSC

East Noble’s 1:1 technology program has now been in effect for the past three years. I despised having to use a laptop in every class during the first year. I now realize I didn’t like the laptops because I didn’t know how to use them. My school, thankfully, saw the benefit of this technology and kept the laptops around. I now have a very good understanding of how to work efficiently on a computer. I’ve learned plenty of tricks and tips that will benefit me in college and beyond. I’m not necessarily happy about this, but I am now the go-to person to solve technology issues at my house. I help my sister format her college papers, I help my mom purchase items on the internet, I help my brother set up accounts for different websites, and I show my family more funny pictures and videos than they probably want to see. The point is, I am miles ahead of students that didn’t have laptops in high school. I won’t have to spend as much time struggling to figure out the little details of computer usage in college.

Each school day, I will use a laptop to download the newest test, assignment, or piece of literature to read. I write articles for the school newspaper website, The Knightly Scroll, and I post them myself. I check my school email to figure out what’s going on at school for that week. I use video and photo editing programs to make my class projects look better. Writing and printing papers is no longer frightening (well, not really) because I don’t have to drive to the local library to do so.

It’s also the little things about the laptops that are extremely helpful, and not just for school. I don’t have a smart phone or a GPS, so I can print off directions if I have to go to a new place after school. I can check the weather to figure out what’s the best route to take to go home after school. I can email a paper I just wrote to my grammar-savvy friends so they can point out some issues I have. I can quickly email a teacher to ask them a question about homework. The laptops allow me to listen to music while I work. The laptops provide a space where I can store photos and videos. I can also apply for online scholarships and research colleges with ease. I even used my laptop to make Christmas presents for my family. I combined video clips and music to create a personalized video for each person in my family. I love having a laptop.

Now, high school students aren’t perfect. There are problems with piracy, inappropriate posts on the internet, and using social networking sites during class, but I think it’s safe to say that the positives of the laptops outweigh the negatives. Students can be efficient, creative, and knowledgeable enough to keep up with the high-tech world. It would be nearly impossible to have a video production class at East Noble without the laptops. We can do whatever we need to do quickly, and take work home if necessary. I am glad East Noble provided students with laptops and I would not want to go back to the way school was before.
Lydia Waring
East Noble High School Senior