Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant - 2013

In acknowledging the strides that Indiana schools have made in providing ubiquitous access to devices, the Office of eLearning has proclaimed 2013 to be The Year of the Digital Learner. We believe that this connected landscape has opened doors of possibility for schools and for students, thresholds that must be crossed to bring them into the digital world. To that end, we designed the Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant identifying three strategic areas of focus to move Indiana schools forward, taking advantage of the possibilities afforded by student access to technology: Digital Content, Customized Learning and Flexible Scheduling. 
Nine districts were selected for the Digital Content Consortium to create and curate rigorous, standards-aligned, content that will allow learning that is liberated from the textbook. Three of the districts, South Montgomery, East Noble, and Madison Consolidated are focusing specifically on student produced digital content. This blog shares a glimpse of their work in progress.

Bob Squad Experience: Training 101

Over the last few weeks my adventures with Bob Squad has just been the gradually training to get familiar with My Big Campus (MBC). I now have a broader knowledge of My Big Campus itself, not only from the eyes of a student but a teacher too! I have gone through three projects to help My Big Campus know me, but so I can know the sight too!

Project 1: This is the project I got really artsy with. It’s basically an introduction about me! Who doesn’t want to know me? Anyways, in this bundle I told facts about myself that are somewhat interesting. I also answered the question, “Why Bob Squad?” My answer basically said that it is was a wonderful privilege I couldn’t pass up, and it is another opportunity at leadership! The other question I had to answer was about customer service and its importance to a business. Lastly, I gave some information on "How-To" bundles.
Project 2: During this project I did 3/10 bundles. We split the bundles as a class. I like to think this was almost like the interview session but more complex than an actually Q&A session. I had to explore MBC to answer each question. In two of my branched bundles I added screen shots of proof!
Project 3: I thought this project was more laid back but confusing at the same time, mainly because I wasn’t for sure what to do. I had to read information that MBC bundles gives me, and I had to follow along with the directions using a teacher account. With “Teacher’s Eyes” I had to reason out the possibilities on how a teacher might get frustrated or would need help with the new change in schoolwork that will happen this summer. I also had to look to other bundles on what teachers can do: publishing bundles, creating groups, and awarding achievements. After reading over the information for this project I had to comment in a discussion in my Bob Squad Group. I also created a bundle and answered all the questions that the Bob Squad Project 3 gives you. I then submitted this bundle to the project 3 bundle discussion!
I can’t wait to see what other stuff Bob Squad has in store for the future after this training! After all once a door closes another opens! 
-Hadassah from Madison

MCS Digital Leadership: Tips from a Frustrated Student

So I am here today to elaborate on one point. We have been taught for years by teachers who don't understand the simple basics of technology. I am not trying to imply that these teachers are stupid or ignorant, they just have not been taught how to utilize the tools that are given to them. Also, I believe teachers struggle with the concept that we, the student body, can help society, and we are not here on this planet just to die. Here is a small list of helpful tips and tricks to surviving in this digital world.
1.) Asking for help- I know that teachers like to think that every new concept will be easy to understand right off the bat, but that is a wrong thought to have. Teachers have as much room to grow as the next person, they just need some guidance. That is where we, the viewing audience, steps in. Teachers may not accept help from students, but there are peers who specialize in tech that would be glad to assist you.
2.) Try to get ahead of the game- In the majority of cases, students are far more advanced in technology and it's a unique world compared to teachers. Try to up your game though. Look up some new websites, find some shortcuts, be up to date with modern internet terms, etc. These simple tasks will gain more respect from your students and also your peers.
3.) Learn "Technological Patience"- If you are clicking on a website and it won't load, the answer does not lie in spam clicking it until it does. Let the computer process what is going on, and then let it do its magic. 
Not all teachers are like this. Most are pretty good with technology and are very adapted to the new world. The ones that need help are the best teachers, the ones that have been trained in the craft of traditional teaching for so long that these new concepts are alien to them. These are the teachers that need a little motivation, and some encouragement and they will be off!
Peace out Girl Scout.

Meet The MCS Digital Leaders

Here's a re-cap of our Class Sessions, our Elementary eLearning Days, and our Alter Ego Student Technology Conference that we hosted on April 26, 2014! It has been a great year! #mdigitalleaders #mcsalterego