Bob Squad Experience: Training 101

Over the last few weeks my adventures with Bob Squad has just been the gradually training to get familiar with My Big Campus (MBC). I now have a broader knowledge of My Big Campus itself, not only from the eyes of a student but a teacher too! I have gone through three projects to help My Big Campus know me, but so I can know the sight too!

Project 1: This is the project I got really artsy with. It’s basically an introduction about me! Who doesn’t want to know me? Anyways, in this bundle I told facts about myself that are somewhat interesting. I also answered the question, “Why Bob Squad?” My answer basically said that it is was a wonderful privilege I couldn’t pass up, and it is another opportunity at leadership! The other question I had to answer was about customer service and its importance to a business. Lastly, I gave some information on "How-To" bundles.
Project 2: During this project I did 3/10 bundles. We split the bundles as a class. I like to think this was almost like the interview session but more complex than an actually Q&A session. I had to explore MBC to answer each question. In two of my branched bundles I added screen shots of proof!
Project 3: I thought this project was more laid back but confusing at the same time, mainly because I wasn’t for sure what to do. I had to read information that MBC bundles gives me, and I had to follow along with the directions using a teacher account. With “Teacher’s Eyes” I had to reason out the possibilities on how a teacher might get frustrated or would need help with the new change in schoolwork that will happen this summer. I also had to look to other bundles on what teachers can do: publishing bundles, creating groups, and awarding achievements. After reading over the information for this project I had to comment in a discussion in my Bob Squad Group. I also created a bundle and answered all the questions that the Bob Squad Project 3 gives you. I then submitted this bundle to the project 3 bundle discussion!
I can’t wait to see what other stuff Bob Squad has in store for the future after this training! After all once a door closes another opens! 
-Hadassah from Madison