MCS Digital Leadership: Tips from a Frustrated Student

So I am here today to elaborate on one point. We have been taught for years by teachers who don't understand the simple basics of technology. I am not trying to imply that these teachers are stupid or ignorant, they just have not been taught how to utilize the tools that are given to them. Also, I believe teachers struggle with the concept that we, the student body, can help society, and we are not here on this planet just to die. Here is a small list of helpful tips and tricks to surviving in this digital world.
1.) Asking for help- I know that teachers like to think that every new concept will be easy to understand right off the bat, but that is a wrong thought to have. Teachers have as much room to grow as the next person, they just need some guidance. That is where we, the viewing audience, steps in. Teachers may not accept help from students, but there are peers who specialize in tech that would be glad to assist you.
2.) Try to get ahead of the game- In the majority of cases, students are far more advanced in technology and it's a unique world compared to teachers. Try to up your game though. Look up some new websites, find some shortcuts, be up to date with modern internet terms, etc. These simple tasks will gain more respect from your students and also your peers.
3.) Learn "Technological Patience"- If you are clicking on a website and it won't load, the answer does not lie in spam clicking it until it does. Let the computer process what is going on, and then let it do its magic. 
Not all teachers are like this. Most are pretty good with technology and are very adapted to the new world. The ones that need help are the best teachers, the ones that have been trained in the craft of traditional teaching for so long that these new concepts are alien to them. These are the teachers that need a little motivation, and some encouragement and they will be off!
Peace out Girl Scout.