Meet the Student eLeader Teams of IN

Poster design by East Noble Advisor and Director of Technology Joanna Cook

East Noble, Madison Consolidated, and Southmont were each awarded the Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant in 2013 from the Office of eLearning. With these three districts a consortium was formed around the topic of student-produced digital content. The idea behind this group was that in today's digital world teachers are not the only ones creating content...students are too! The leaders of these three districts wanted to highlight the amazing things their students could do if given the opportunity and resources. The goal was to empower students with technology in their toolbelt to not only create but to use their talents to serve as digital leaders to their peers. With this in mind each district, armed with their student's skill sets, decided to create digital content around timely topics such as: cyberbullying, online identity theft, and netiquette. East Noble Middle School and High School students used their talents (script writing, acting, filming, editing) to create videos. Madison High School students created digital content bundles inside of My Big Campus. And lastly Soutmont High School students built iBooks for grades K-12. The videos, bundles, and iBooks all promoted this idea of digital leadership. Most of the students that made up these groups were hand picked by teachers, counselors, and other district leaders. Some student groups met as a class during the school day while others met before and after school during a zero period. East Noble and Madison students who participated in these classes received school credit towards graduation. 

Learn more about each district's work from a student's perspective: