Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant - 2013

In acknowledging the strides that Indiana schools have made in providing ubiquitous access to devices, the Office of eLearning has proclaimed 2013 to be The Year of the Digital Learner. We believe that this connected landscape has opened doors of possibility for schools and for students, thresholds that must be crossed to bring them into the digital world. To that end, we designed the Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant identifying three strategic areas of focus to move Indiana schools forward, taking advantage of the possibilities afforded by student access to technology: Digital Content, Customized Learning and Flexible Scheduling. 
Nine districts were selected for the Digital Content Consortium to create and curate rigorous, standards-aligned, content that will allow learning that is liberated from the textbook. Three of the districts, South Montgomery, East Noble, and Madison Consolidated are focusing specifically on student produced digital content. This blog shares a glimpse of their work in progress.